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Non-Registered Term Deposits

Invest worry-free with a simple, secure solution that protects your initial capital while earning guaranteed interest.


Fixed Term Deposits

A good option if:
 - You want to minimize risk
 - You prefer stability
 - Have a conservative investing profile
 - Do not require access to your funds for a specified period
 - Competitive rates guaranteed for the term

Redeemable Features:
 - Minimum Deposit: $1,000
 - 1-5 year terms
 - Redeemable prior to maturity with a 2% penalty

Non-Redeemable Features:
 - Minimum Deposit: $5,000
 - 30-364 days
 - Non-Redeemable

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Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will happily take the time to get to know you, answer any questions and help you determine the best way to reach your goals.

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Diversify your portfolio

From mutual funds to stocks and bonds, we offer a range of investment options to strengthen your portfolio.

Save faster for any goal

A car, a vacation, a home – no matter your goal, you can save faster to reach it with a Tax Free Savings Account.

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Explore how smart investing can help you reach your goals faster.